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If you have been affected by fire or flooding

If you have been affected by fire and flooding then you will realise that insurance claims can be quite complex. Working with a Fire and Flood Restoration Specialist like Fresh Fire and Flood Restoration will help. We are a professional claims management company who will undertake works and communicate quickly and accurately with your insurance company or loss adjuster.

Do not, under any circumstances, discard any items until your claim has been verified by your insurance company or a loss adjuster - if one is appointed. These items may be contaminated by smoke or contaminated water and should not be handled by the policyholder. Items involved in a fire or water damage incident can often be restored, if cost-effective to do so.

We recommend that you provide the relevant contractors with all your contact details, including mobile phone numbers and email address. Both of these are good lines of communication during your claim to ensure prompt responses to any queries.

After a Fire or Flood damage situation you may be required to vacate the property into alternative accommodation whilst your claim proceeds. We suggest you move any jewellery, passports, bank or credit cards and items of value to your alternative accommodation.

If you are looking for a professional Fire & Flood Restoration service and specialist claims management, call 01564 330501. Fresh Fire and Flood Restoration are award-winning specialists for the Midlands area. We are dedicated to helping you in a crisis.

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